About Independent Dent Company

As a young man, I entered the job world at Unocal 76. It was the only gas station in the city in which I lived that still pumped gas for women and elderly. I believe we should continue this today. While there, I not only pumped gas but I performed small repairs on vehicles. I replaced shocks, changed tires and oil and followed through with part replacement suggested by the head mechanic after he made a diagnoses.

During this time, my brother had taken a career in paintless dent removal. From time to time he would come into town and visit and during these visits I would request his services on a few of my personal vehicles. I would watch him work and acquired a fascination with the process. Possibly due to the fact he was tired of fixing my dents for no charge, he began to show me how to perform this process of fixing my dents without painting.

This started my thought process. I knew my gas station job wasn't where I saw myself for long and so I expressed an interest in seeking employment in the industry. I put in resumes to different corporate locations and two weeks later received an interview. I received extensive training in St Louis and finished second in my class. I was sent back to California to start my career for the largest, and at the time, the best paintless dent removal company internationally. After a year of being placed in a dealer route, to auto auction, to rental accounts, I was given the opportunity to develop my own dealer route. Approximately five years later I had graduated to "tech council" for the southern California dealer technicians while still running my dealer route. A year or so later I became a field tech trainer where I helped to hone the skills of new technicians just coming out of dent school. Although my route was growing after 10 years with the company I started to feel propelled to push further and with my passion for the art of paintless dent removal along with the experience I had gained, realized my dream of owning my own business.

Independent Dent Company is one of the most premium, advanced paintless dent removal companies in Southern California. Our reputation is well earned and our customer satisfaction has resulted in an earned respect that we strive to continue growing.



What our clients are saying

Independent Dent Company

After taking my car to multiple body shops and dealing with estimates and insurance, I ended up going with Andrew at Independent Dent Company. He was very professional and gave a great quote for PDR. I have high standards and was worried that I wouldn't be able to make my car door like new again. Independent Dent Company took care of my car and the door looks brand new. Andrew continued to be professional and had a great attitude even with the recent hot weather.

David Martin Orange County

Honestly Andrew is amazing. Sent him a picture of my dent on Tuesday and had it fixed by Wednesday. He promised me at least 98% fixed given the difficult location and he delivered 100%. Don't hesitate to call him to save the day.

Bob Silva Inland Empire

I must say that Andrew is also super flexible! I texted him last night, I was panicking! Less than 24 hours he was at my driveway working on my car! My appointment was for tomorrow really but when I sent him a message about my availability today, he was there right on time! Thanks Andrew for a job very well done!

Valarie S Yucaipa